Monday, August 23, 2010

Tough to shoot

It's pretty difficult to get a good picture of Teddy's face; upright with his eyes open and mouth shut. He's a puppy - always in motion, always playing, always talking, then fast asleep. Typical boy (to perpetuate a stereotype), loves to roll in the dirt and ignore mom when she tells him to "get up!" He's the only light-colored dog I've ever had, so I'm not used to a dog that "shows the dirt." On him it looks pretty cute, though!
Still rolling around being cute!
There's the Ted face! Hi, cutie boy!

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Carlene said...

I call that the squirm of joy.

Paula said...

I adore Frenchies, but all your dogs are adorable. I just discovered your blog. May I link to it? Paula at Paula n Lulu's Blog