Friday, August 20, 2010

Agility and Monkey (Puppy) in the Middle

Still summer, still hot. Last night was Agility class for Tango. The air conditioner wasn't working, and the ceiling fans were anemic. It was warm, I was dripping but Tango didn't mind. He loves doing stuff! But he'd never seen a broad jump or a double jump, so it was interesting seeing what he'd do with those obstacles. The broad jump he just walked over - no surprise there. But he jumped between the bars on the double and then jumped out - without knocking the bars down! We all had a good laugh about that. At least now I know what obstacles need extra work.

Since Tango still has issues about being near other dogs (people too), after our 6:00 class I put his wire crate next to the big post in the middle of the room where he'd be out of the way but still able to see everything going on during the next class. Other dogs with issues were on other sides of the post, so it was even good that he could see them as well. I sat next to his crate and when he was good I gave him treats. When he started barking I covered his crate until he had been quiet for a couple of minutes. Other people tossed treats to him as well. I was very happy that Tango's crate was uncovered for the second half of the 7:00 class! - Fran
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