Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Summer, hot dogs

Heat, and more heat. Chicago's under an excessive heat warning today for combined temperature and humidity reaching a heat index of 100 degrees or more. And we're not alone. All over the country the news has been the heat. So, take care of your pups! Make sure they have plenty of water if you're outside in the heat, and be sure to monitor your dog's condition in the heat. Some dogs just can't take hot weather as well as others. If you drive anywhere with your dog, be sure not to leave her in the car alone. I hate reading about pups dying in hot cars. There's no reason for it! If you have to go somewhere you can't bring your dog, just leave her at home in the air conditioning. Be safe this summer! (By the way, the picture is of Golly, years ago. Her tongue always curled up when she was panting.) - Fran
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Carlene said...

Aw, Golly. <3