Friday, July 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Anyone else tired of summer? I'm tired of being hot and sticky. I'm tired of the storms that keep Ceilidh (and therefore me) up at night. We've already ordered sweaters and holiday toys at the shop! I'm done with summer.

This is the first week that we're trying out a new schedule. I'm now at the shop on crazy Wednesdays with Tango and Dax and Teddy. Wednesday had been my day off. I was somewhat apprehensive about this, with Tango's propensity for nastiness, but while he did his share of barking he didn't seem entirely serious about it all the time. And, after a setback last week, at Agility class last night, Tango wasn't as aggressive as I expected. A muzzle might not be necessary. We'll have to see.

And now there's the potential threat of oil flowing into Lake Michigan? Seriously? The Gulf of Mexico isn't bad enough? I could rant for hours, but summer's made me too tired.... Fran

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hexanowl said...

i am SO tired of summer already. frenchies were not made for heat so i have bored dogs! i am not made for heat either! love your blog and that is how we spend summer! indoors... except for over heated agility class!

Pam said...

I'm with you!! Summer's never been my favorite season, but this year it has been brutal. When it's cold out, I can add a layer or two. But, when it's hot and humid I can't take off my skin!

And, the dogs hate this weather. Unpleasant for all.

Fran said...

And it's only the beginning of August! Rrrggghhh... Stay hydrated, everyone!