Friday, July 23, 2010

Computer woes

Wednesday my PC crashed. CRASHED!!! Aarrrgh... Got the Windows user selection page and then nothing. Of course Wednesday is my day off, so Hope had to deal with the initial *(/@#! alone. I cleaned up, folded the laundry, popped most of the dogs in their crates and Dax into the car (for Hope's and Dax's lesson with Dee) and scrammed to the shop to deal with the technician so Hope could get on with semi-normal affairs. The Dell tech was very nice and quite understandable, even though he's in the Philippines. We rebuilt Windows XP and Carlo took control of my PC to load updates and drivers. Fortunately my data files were not lost. I know, BACKUP!! Lesson learned. So now I'm almost done installing programs and configuring default files, etc., etc., etc. ..... - Fran
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