Saturday, July 03, 2010

Also cute!

I brought Dax to work today - all by herself! I figured a little "mommy & me" time would be a good thing. Now that she's figured out Teddy's staying, she needs a little reassurance that she's still special. I know - anthropomorphizing again. But it worked - she's in a great mood and playing like a pup.
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hexanowl said...

I do not think your anthropomorphizing again! dang that was tough to spell out !! I think every loving heart which dogs clearly have (cats too) wants to have special time with the main person in their lives. What is so odd about that? Glad to see Dax is having fun. She is gorgeous and all your dogs and your sister's are wonderful. i love the dog bed also. did not see it for sale on your site? thanks for such a fun blog it makes my day. Alex H