Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teddy plays with Airedales and Keeshonden

Wednesdays at Golly Gear/Dogs In The Ring are particularly terrific days - our agility/obedience instructor Dee Lulik ( comes to give private lessons. Yesterday, Dee, Emily and I had some time to play. Dee brought her wonderful Airedales, who, aside from being amazing girls, have more titles/accomplishments than you can shake a stick at.
My Dax (French Bulldog) can be a bit testy around other dogs, so in the manner of dog trainers everywhere, I'm making sure Teddy (French Bulldog) doesn't have the same issues. He'll have his very own batch we'll contend with. So far - he loves playing with all other dogs. All breeds, sizes, shapes. Teddy doesn't care. Everyone is his best friend. I love that. Teddy is used to Emily's Keeshonden - she often brings Whyit and Lydia (both of whom also have a bunch of titles) to work with her. Juno, Emily's puppy (and Lydia's daughter) isn't quite ready to mix in the mayhem - but she will!

Whyit (Keeshond) says "Teddy, you hold her down so I can sniff her butt!"

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Carlene said...

Ha, that looks like a lot of fun being had.

Hey, did you know tomorrow is take your dog to work day?

Like you need a day.

French Bulldog Puppies said...
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