Friday, June 25, 2010

Take your dog to work day!

Yesterday Carlene reminded us that today is "Take Your Dog to Work Day!" We're lucky enough to be able to bring our dogs to work whenever we want! I usually bring Tango on Fridays - it's Hope's day off and that way she doesn't have to keep watch on him as well as the rest of the group. So today Tango and I worked on his sit, down, and stay. Also walking on both sides - because life is not always "at heel." We're getting better. And Tango seems to be napping more. A few weeks ago he would nap only for an hour or so after lunch. But today he's voluntarily going in his crate or on the bed next to my desk (in the picture) and snoozing! I didn't think that would ever happen. Glad I was wrong! - Fran

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