Friday, June 18, 2010

A Break from Cute Puppy Stuff

OK, not really. But I thought I'd give you a Tango update. He's still nasty to some people and all non-family dogs for no good reason. (Our friend and teacher Dee witnessed a meltdown this last Wednesday. Tango blew up a lady who had just given him treats! He took the treats very nicely then gave her a large piece of his mind.) Fortunately the meltdowns are shorter in duration which is the only thing giving me hope that we can pull out of this. On the upside, Tango is a learning sponge. He is receptive to learning whatever I teach him. He loves climbing on anything (including the kitchen table) and jumping over anything that gets in his way (like his little brother when Tango has the zoomies in the back yard). And he comes back to me when I call him! - Fran


Pam said...

I know Tango and Cabot are not littermates, but they do share some interesting qualities... Like that barking at strangers thing!! And, that monkey-like quality of climbing on EVERYTHING.

But, they are both sponges and eager to learn, so be grateful for that. I love that he already comes when you call him!!!

Fran said...

Me too! He's incredibly fast and I have a feeling that having a solid recall will be my salvation on many occasions!