Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If puppies weren't so cute - there'd be no excuse

Having a new puppy in the house is a bit overwhelming. There's so very much I have to teach Teddy and it seems like I'm already six months behind - even though he's only 12 weeks old! Until this year, we hadn't had a puppy in the house in the last five. But it's all, slowly, coming back - all the do's and dont's.
Don't leave any paper on the floor.
Don't leave any shoes on the floor.
Don't leave ANYTHING on the floor.
Don't leave the room without securing the puppy.
Don't lean out the door to get the mail without knowing where the puppy is.
Don't try to get anything done quickly, which goes along with:
Don't step on the puppy.
and the most important:
Do enjoy the puppy!

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hexanowl said...

totally relate!! it works that way with rescues also! i love your blog and reading about the dogs.

Cherilynn Wood Fine Art said...

I can relate too! Nana is six months old now but I still don't feel like I know what I am doing with her! It is overwhelming!

FrogDogz said...

One more - Don't let the battery in the camera die, because it's at that precise moment that the puppy will do something unbearably cute.