Friday, April 16, 2010

Socialization is hard work

Tango's been home for about 3 1/2 weeks now, and things are settling down at home. Hope can walk right up to Tango, play with him, give him treats, rough him up and he'll go to her when she calls him. Tango can sit next to Roc without a problem. Ceilidh will even walk by him. Dax only fires up when she thinks Tango has a toy or treat he shouldn't. At the shop it's a different story. People come in and Tango yaps. Dogs come in with their people and he goes crazy. I give him extra special treats, with the thought that he'll associate people coming in with yummy treats. Yesterday the FedEx guy even tossed a couple of treats to Tango. He's getting better - no barks at the FedEx guy! Didn't trust the treats, but didn't bark.

And last night we visited Hope's agility class to watch people and dogs coming and going, and playing agility. Tango did very well, keeping his attention mostly on me (and the cheese) until Julie and Goku came in. Mutual yapping. Oh well. Gotta be happy with a little progress. - Fran
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