Friday, April 09, 2010

So much to learn!

I have both Tango (on the left above) and Roc at the shop with me today - it's vacuuming day at home and Roc's heart condition requires that he be kept as stress-free as possible. So now he's snoozing quietly in one of the crates here in the office, door open. Tango, on the other hand, is not happy about the situation. He's tried gnawing the outside handle of his crate (from the inside), whining at nothing in particular, and digging at the very comfy orthopedic pad. This despite the fact that it's 10:00, we've been here for only 2 hours, and he's been playing in the ring for 2 sessions and we've had a short training session. Typical puppy. Roc helped with the training session. He showed Tango what a nice "sit" and "down" look like. Tango's getting it, slowly, slowly... Typical puppy. I have to remember what I always tell people about training: patience and consistency will be rewarded! (We use the middle crate in the picture above for Susan Garrett's "Crate Games." The duck tape at the bottom prevents little toes from getting caught in the wire, and the lack of padding makes it easier for the dog to zoom in and out of the crate.) - Fran
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