Monday, April 12, 2010

Everything's going to be ok

I've been pretty quiet lately. I'm sort of a Pollyanna type - don't really have much use for complaining and really believe if you don't have anything nice t0 say, don't say anything at all. The big news at our house has been the arrival of my sister Fran's puppy Tango and I didn't have much nice to say about him. Aside from the fact that he's absolutely adorable.
Cute didn't really count for much when he barked every time he saw me, then growled, lunged and snapped. I knew why, of course. When the world is a very, very big place and everything in it is new, the best defense is a good offense. I knew he was frightened, but it wasn't an auspicious beginning.
Fran could do anything with Tango, but at first I couldn't even touch him. The only one of our dogs he liked, and who liked him, was Roc. Evidence that the only dogs he's seen in his 11 months have been other Brussels Griffons.
Now, three weeks in, I'm not as ready to send him back from whence he came. Tango's coming around. I can pet him, walk him, hold him, groom him and play with him without any fuss. Yesterday I even got an unsolicited kiss!
Roc is still the only one of our dogs that will sit next to him, but now even Ceilidh, our "special" girl, will walk by him. Dax is the one with her nose out of joint - she's still not sure she wants "that THING!" in her space. But now she's willing to share a couch with him - even if it's at the other end.
I have some good things to say about Tango now. He's a fast learner, tries to be a good boy, is acclimating to his new life with us, he's learning to "chill," and, if I haven't mentioned it, he's about the cutest dog ever.
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