Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tango's coming home soon!

We're counting down to Tango's arrival (on the right). That's me (Fran) and Tango to the left. Tango's an 8 1/2 month-old Brussels Griffon (Black Rough). The breeder's not quite done showing him yet, so I have to wait a bit. I wasn't planning on going to the Brussels Griffon Specialty Shows in Louisville this year, but I am now! I can bring Tango home Sunday, March 21 and we're all excited about the prospect. Roc, Dax and Ceilidh all met Tango on Wednesday and they all got along (mostly). Roc accepted him as a fellow Griff. Dax wanted to play with him. And Ceilidh was more interested than anything (whew!). Since Tango is a little older, I can start training right away. I'm looking forward to it - he seems to be really smart and ready for anything! - Fran
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Carlene said...


Dee said...

How exciting! He's so cute, he doesn't look real!

Fran said...

It doesn't look like it but he's a ragamuffin mischief-maker! While we were visiting he got up on the table when we weren't looking and tried to eat all the cheese!