Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Ceilidh's Bed

OK, I don't usually like to talk about really personal stuff, but this just cracks me up. I bought myself a queen-sized bed a few months ago and having been sleeping in a twin bed my whole life until then, it was something of an adjustment. When Golly was here, she still managed to take up half the bed - not an easy feat for a 12-pound dog. Ceilidh was not comfortable sleeping with the alpha - Golly, so she slept in Hope's bedroom. Since Golly's been gone, Ceilidh has slept fitfully on my bed. The other day I bought a new comforter. It's nice and soft, and goes quite nicely with my bedroom decor. Ceilidh's been going to bed early since then. - Fran
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1 comment:

jan said...

I redecorated my room to match my dogs. Saves time and effort. :)