Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year Routine

I don't know about you, but the first few days of a new year are exciting to me. The year is fresh and anything is possible. This is the year that I'll write down all my appointments and not forget any. This is the year that I'll file papers right away and not let them stack up. This is the year that I'll spend five minutes, twice a day, training my dog! (Okay, let's not go crazy. Once a day is enough...) Something - anything. Just looking at me for treats!

I was inspired by a picture sent in an email. A friend has been training her Brussels Griffon in obedience, and she's at the point where he's taking his dumbbell. If you know anything about obedience you know that this is not always an easy accomplishment. Far from it. It took many months for Golly to take her dumbbell, much less sit with it or walk with it in her mouth. So here comes this picture with the little Brussels Griffon practicing the long sit exercise with his classmates - with dumbbells in their mouths! This is three minutes! Amazing. And there's another picture with him jumping over the bar jump with a toy in his mouth! Good practise for jumping with the dumbbell! So - thanks Pam - I'm inspired for the New Year! Starting off slow can lead to great things.
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