Friday, April 03, 2009

Ceilidh's Split Personality

Last night was Agility class - big fun for everyone! Ceilidh had such a good time running the courses. Hope shared an observation: people who don't know Ceilidh's ADHD history see a calm, controlled dog with a very aloof handler. That struck me like an anvil on the head, because Ceilidh is the furthest thing from calm and controlled. But I've had to keep her under iron control when she's in a setting with other people and dogs or she'd be a total lunatic, assaulting people and dogs alike, wanting kisses, wanting to play, wanting to chase. And Ceilidh does not observe proper doggy etiquette - she's, well, a lunatic. I have to watch her constantly throughout the class and while we're waiting for class to start, or Ceilidh will be sure to start something. A few people at class do know the "real" Ceilidh and find her entertaining (thank goodness), so I let Ceilidh go nuts with them. Keeps everyone happy.
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