Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worth every penny

We just couldn't let it rest. Okay - Roc's fan club nagged until we went and got a third opinion on what was going on with him.
Thank goodness for friends! Our regular vet was right - Roc does have something growing at the base of his heart. A pad of fat. Perfectly benign. Yippeee!
And there is something going on with his lungs - chronic bronchitis.
We're absolutely thrilled! Roc's not so happy about it, though. When we feared the worst he was getting scrambled eggs every night with his dinner. Now he's back to beans. After all, a healthy guy's got to stay in fighting trim!
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Johann The Dog said...

Oh wow, you found out!!! Yippeee! All sounds kinda managable, whew!!!!

www.petloverspalace.com said...

I know the feeling of relief when you think there is a major problem and you find out it is not serious.