Friday, March 13, 2009

One more week, and then READY OR NOT!

Here we come! After taking a few sessions off, I think Ceilidh and I will rejoin our Agility Class! Ceilidh's heart condition is mostly under control with medication. The vet feels that taking a class where she's used to the place, and most of the people and dogs won't cause her to become worse. And it will give Ceilidh much joy. I've also been feeling somewhat better lately. So, we'll see how my hip bursitis feels - whether or not I can run, walk or give some semblance of moving with my dog. And then try to walk the next day! So next Thursday will be the test!
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2 comments: said...

Good to hear she is doing well enough to go to agility class.I Would take it slow for the first few times. If you are thinking about doing agility training at home we have agility kits for you.

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