Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trials and smiles

Dax and I were in our third agility trial over the weekend. After our last outing, I wasn't sure we'd continue since Dax seemed so unhappy.
What a turnaround! We had a wonderful time - Dax was happy, running, playful, climbing, jumping, and generally a joyous little dog. Which is what it's supposed to be about, at least for us. Agility is a way to get out with our friends and have fun with our dogs.
We even came close to qualifying a couple of times!
Previous to this weekend, I didn't really understand how people could say they had a great weekend, their dogs ran great, and it was a terrific time, even though they didn't qualify. Now I get it. We had a blast. Even the last run of the day, which was a complete disaster because I totally forgot the course when I stepped in the ring, ended on a good note. We worked together, Dax and I. Such a good girl!
I'm trying to decide whether to post a video diary of our trials (and tribulations). Since I have absolutely no illusions of competence, I probably will. I'm definitely in a "what the hell" stage of my life. If we give someone a smile, either with us or at us - why not?

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zoe's mom said...

why not, indeed! please post, so I can live vicariously. my frenchie, zoe, decidedly did not enjoy agility. hoping to give rally a try this summer.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

I can't wait to start training my guys to do agility in the Spring. It sounds like a lot of fun :)