Friday, February 06, 2009

The mouse must die

Last night I'm sitting, relaxing, watching tv after agility class. Four dogs napping around the room. And the !@#$%^&* mouse that's taken up residence in our house for the winter dashes across the room. Right under their adorable canine noses! No reaction whatsoever. I know that we've been unsuccessful in ousting the darn thing from the house, but do the dogs really think we've adopted another pet? I don't think so!
And this morning!! Absurdity piles on! I hear a rattling noise from the living room while I'm brushing my teeth. So I go to see what the dogs are up to. It's not the dogs! I'm watching one of the dogs' chew toys rattling around by a teeny, tiny hole in the baseboard by the front door. The darn mouse is trying to steal the dog's toys. And I'm playing tug-0f-war with a rodent at the crack of dawn. Not funny. It's serious now. The mouse must die.
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