Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dog Show!

We went to the IKC Dog Show today at McCormick Place in Chicago, Huge place, huge fun! If you've never been to a dog show - GO! Look for someone holding a catalog with a pen in hand and ask them to explain what's going on. Seeing the dogs is wonderful, understanding the show is even better!
We met the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Group there. This is their Rescue Wagon - with its adorable contents.
I took lots of pictures of Frenchies - you can see them on Flickr.

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Natashya said...

They aer sooo cute. Hard to believe a Frenchie would ever need to be rescued. They are one of my absolute favourite doggies.
My pug and shih tzu are my very best friends and are never far away from me.

Hope said...

It's astonishing, isn't it? Some are puppy-mill rescues, but others are just given up. They're wonderful dogs, but not right for everyone. We hope people will do their research before getting any dog, to make sure everyone will be happy.