Saturday, February 21, 2009

French Bulldog bowling

Agility class was great fun Thursday night! We started with "Movie Night." When our instructor finds a great video of agility handling, instruction, etc. we all get to watch it projected on a wall in the back room of the training center. Due to technical difficulties, the whole projection thing didn't work, so we all watched the warm glow of her laptop. Fortunately, we're a well-behaved and hygienic group, so it worked!
Then we had our class and Dax did wonderfully! The first jump of our first sequence was a triple jump, and Dax dropped one of the bars. When she did that at our last trial, she totally freaked out and never recovered, even though I ignored it and just kept going. This time, she ignored it, too!
And she dashed over the A-Frame, teetered tentatively the first time, then warmed up, bounded over the broad jump, and then said "uh-uh, no way am I doing that double jump!" Repeatedly. So I put a couple fingers under her collar and guided her to the jump - telling her her "lift-off" point.
There was a gasp in the room - apparently we're really good actors, Dax and I! The class thought I threw Dax over the jump - said it looked like I was bowling! Our instructor assured everyone it wasn't the case (absolutely true - no way can I toss 20 lbs. with two fingertips!). The next time I helped her again, but the third time - she sailed right over it!
We have another trial this coming weekend. I'm at the point that while I'd really, really like to qualify, I'll be happy if Dax is happy. I want her to love doing agility wherever we go, not just in class.

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Zoe's mom said...

I'd love to see you and Dax in action. Do you have any vids on youtube?

Hope said...

I'm bringing the video camera to the trial this weekend - whether it gets posted or not kind of depends on how we do!