Saturday, January 17, 2009

A really, really bad day

When I got to work this morning, I knew something was wrong. This is how the door to the building looked.The landing leading to our store wasn't good, either. And this was the sight that greeted me when I unlocked the door. Apparently some pipes in the upstairs apartment burst. And water cascaded onto our suspended ceiling, bringing it and a deluge of water into the shop.

This is my desk. Poor little mouse.

My desk, again. Believe it or not, the desk lamp did work after we dried it off.

Fran's desk didn't look any better.

Our comfy customer chair was ruined.

Apparently I couldn't get over the mess of my desk.

There was about a half an inch of water all over the floor.

More mess.

My desk, again. It apparently was in the path of the waterfall.

The worst part of it was that our landlord didn't even call us when it happened. We lost a day, the label printer that was on my desk, a good bit of inventory, and our composure. We're really, really sick of winter. And water.

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Carlene said...

Oh. my. god. Is there anything I can do to help clean up? Please, let me know!

Hope said...

Thank you, Carlene! We're back in business again, just a little water-damaged. And with more gray hair. Lots and lots of gray hair.

Johann The Dog said...

OMD!!!! That's horrible. What an ordeal. Really feeling for ya right now....We're sick of winter too!

Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

Can't believe your landlord didn't think this was worth a call. Hope things are back to normal and they used the extra good duct tape to fix those pipes! :-)

Hope said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're all recovered now - although I do wish the insurance people would give us the okay to trash the starting-to-mildew inventory that got ruined!