Friday, January 09, 2009

Party Time!

Last night was our Agility group's annual holiday party. I think the longer we drag out the holidays the shorter the winter will seem. That's my theory, anyway. So lots of people from all levels who train with our instructor got together last night at the training hall and had lots of fun, ate lots of good food and even practiced on the equipment. Everyone brought a dish to share, so there was (literally) tons of food, and all of it was terrific! How often does that happen? And our instructor gave everyone a nifty training bag with her "All Fours" logo embroidered on it.

Hope ran Dax through some short sequences. At first Dax seemed a little nervous but then she got into the party mode and tackled the jumps, even banging the teeter down a few times! I left Ceilidh home since she doesn't do well in crowds. But, I'm looking forward to taking the next session.Bookmark and Share

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