Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow - another year. I think about resolutions every year about this time but I'm just too tired. When I get up enough energy, maybe I'll think about it again and resolve to just do whatever it is I'm thinking about. Like get off my butt and play with Ceilidh. Except for right after we play, she generally wants to play. So maybe I'll set the timer and spend ten more minutes with my dog. That'd be fun, huh? Or if I'm not home, I'll remember to be nicer to the people I really care about. So often I vent my anger or stress at the people who don't deserve it. Then I'll have to find another outlet for venting. Maybe go downstairs and exercise and blow off some steam that way. Solves two problems. And instead of eating a processed snack, maybe I'll make something creative and healthy.

Those Nike marketers had it right - just do it.
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