Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is Dax, happy and playful.
We haven't seen this Dax in a while. As a matter of fact, Dax is, more often than not, invisible these days.
She's under the covers. On the couch, in a dog bed or crate - wherever there's a throw, blankie or towel she can crawl under.
It was getting a bit ridiculous. It's really not all that cold in the house. So I took her to the vet. And I stood there and said "She's losing her hair, always cold, and lethargic - she doesn't even want to play." And the vet told me I'd just described some of the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. She had a blood test yesterday. We'll keep you updated. But it's nice to think I finally have a dog paying attention to the textbooks.


FrogDogz said...

Poor Dax! Tell her Tessa is also slightly hypothyroid, and that the upside is that suddenly *nothing* is too good for you - heated pet beds, extra blankets, sleeping under the covers in bed, new coats lined with fun fur.

Hey, wait a minute. This might explain that long distance phone charge Tessa seemed to rack up when I was gone a few weeks ago.

D'you think she could have been phoning Dax and coaching her? It wouldn't surprise me.

If Dax trains you to wake up from a dead sleep at 3 am with just a whimpering noise, all so you can carry her to the kitchen for a drink of water, you know who to blame.

Uncivil said...

I hope Dax gets back in a Merry Mood for Christmas when she gets her meds.

Johann The Dog said...

Hope you find out what it is, and Dax gets back to her playful self!

Happy Holidays to you!

Woofs, Johann

Anonymous said...

oy! I feel your pain.. that was Targ before soloxine.. only add in 190lbs and agressive... NOT fun!

If your test comes back "low-normal" consider sending it to Dr. Jean Dodds at Homeopet. Targ was "low normal" but he still needed soloxine... he's a different dog now.. so happy!

Hope said...

Thanks for all the good wishes and advice - we'll let you know as soon as I get some results.
I have noticed that Tessa exerts some kind of Svengali-like influence on Dax - please make her stop! I just got her back to eating her vegetables!