Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She's fallen off the veggie wagon!

I took Ceilidh and Dax to the vet for their annual visit last Friday. Ceilidh is a solid mass of muscle and pretty perfect in every way. (Okay, her teeth need some additional attention, brushing-wise. But I dare you to come and stick your finger in an unhappily-squirming, really-don't-want-this Boston Terrier mouth. With all those lovely Boston Terrier teeth in that so-strong-you-can-swing-me-around-by-my-toy Boston Terrier jaw.)

Dax, on the other hand, has gained a couple of pounds. She's a bit round at the moment and needs to lose it. French Bulldogs, I'm told, gain weight very easily, and the three months we've missed agility haven't helped.

But the poor girl doesn't seem to have her nutrition facts straight! For the last week, Dax has rejected, refused to eat, even spits out! her vegetables. This is the girl who would forego hotdogs for lettuce! Her favorite munch was carrots! We used celery as her focus/tug toy in agility class! And now she won't touch the stuff.

Last night we had her absolute favorite - Romaine Lettuce. She took a piece, crunched and spat. I don't know who told her that veggies were on the "don't" list, but I hope she stops listening to this evil propaganda. I need my Daxie to eat her veggies!


FrogDogz said...

Uh oh.

Now I know the meaning of this email I found in my outbox:

Deer Dax:

I thot u shude now that the green things ur mom trize to get u to eat are POIZON! Do NOT eats them! Maek ur mom kook u a stake. It iz maed from cowz and cowz are not POIZONS. If ur mom trize to maek u eat the green thingz spit them OUT until she maeks u stake. Then maek her send me one two.

Love Tessa Who Doeznt Want U Too Get pOiZonD and DiE So Get Me/Us Some Stake

Sorry about that. I've told her before about random emailing, but she just doesn't listen.


Lucy-Fur said...

Veggies... ewwwww... Gimme chicken or steak anyday. Our humans can eat the other stuff...

Lucy and Jack say Hello!

Johann The Dog said...

Maybe you need to put peanut butter on it, BOL!!! Just kidding.

Woof, Johann

Hope said...

Carol: It all becomes clear, now. Tessa is, of course, the FrogDog whose opinion Dax would respect above all others. In view of Dax's recent history - maybe all I have to do is remind her she LIKES poison!

Lucy-Fur: Try it! You'll like it! Especially if we do it Johann's way! PB on celery mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!