Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dogs are evil. Our neighbor said so.

After work yesterday evening we needed to take some pictures of a dog in the Active Dog Harness. Ceilidh is usually our model of choice - her very short fur shows off products beautifully, she's a solid mass of muscle, and the fact that she's obsessive/compulsive/ADHD/nuts means that as long as you hold her toy, she'll look where you want her to.
So we were in the front yard, because it was shadier and better for taking pictures.
I should mention at this point that we live in a community that prides itself on diversity. Over 30 languages are spoken in the homes of the students at a local junior high school. Every year our town holds a "Festival of Cultures" that draws dozens of ethnic groups, hundreds of participants and thousands of festival-goers. The relevance to this story?
The neighbor who lives two doors east of us, who is of Western Asian descent, came over to talk to us while we were taking pictures. He's seen our dogs many times, of course, but we're usually on our way somewhere and just wave. This time, we were fairly stationary, so he came to talk.
Ceilidh, of course, was beside herself, wiggling and chirping little monkey-noises because she was so delighted that someone came to see her. Our neighbor was, justifiably, rather hesitant, but after being reassured that she wished to lick, not bite, he came over and tried to pet her. On the top of her head. Which is impossible unless she's very, very soundly asleep.
But he made the attempt, which was nice. Then he was telling us that he and his daughter really want to get a dog. Since his wife won't allow a dog in the house, he planned to keep it in the backyard, with access to the garage in Chicago's 20-degree-below-zero winter weather. It was fairly easy to convince him that this was a bad idea; dogs are pack animals, need to be with the family, etc. He got it.
And then he told us the kicker - his wife is convinced that dogs are evil because she heard a creation story that says that dogs were made from Adam's vomit and therefore rejected and evil. Huh?


jan said...

I don't remember reading that in Genesis. She must know of a private source.

Uncivil said...

I pray they don't get a dog!!!!
Some people just don't understand what it's all about!

FrogDogz said...

I dated a Muslim guy for a while, and his mother would repeatedly tell him to NEVER EVER touch my dogs, because they were evil and unclean.

I once told her jokingly that I bathed them in holy water, so they were pretty clean, and the evil washed right off with a good soap. She didn't find it funny at all.

Neither did he, come to think of it.

Johann The Dog said...

That's one I have never heard! Interesting. Wonder what she would think about me kissing my Mum on the lips, BOL! Cute harness!

Hope said...

Astonishing the stories you hear, isn't it? I have a feeling that little girl's going to leave home as soon as she hits 18 - just so she can get herself a dog! I've got a few years to make sure she knows how to raise it right!