Friday, August 03, 2007

Enjoy the Good Runs!

Ceilidh had a good night, last night at Agility class. It would have been a great night, but, well, she's Ceilidh. There were only four of us at class last night, so there wasn't much waiting between runs, and that was great! Ceilidh was a tugging fiend for the first half of class last night! She still won't tug on anything but her beloved Latex Soccer Ball at class (and I have the scars to prove it), but that's OK. We tugged to the start line, where I persuaded Ceilidh to give up the ball so she could run, and we were off! She was focused, attentive, efficient and fast!! Our instructor was even impressed! For the first half of class Ceilidh was tugging my arm out of the socket, but then she shut down... She wouldn't even look at her ball. Go figure.


Uncivil said...

Emily has a big chew ball that she loves to tug with ,and she has a dinosaur toy that she loves to play with but she won't tug it? In fact she is very gentle with the dinosaur and prefers me to throw it so she can retrieve it, where as she brings me the ball to tug?

Johann The Dog said...

Good!!!! Don't you just love the rush of a good run!


Fran said...

Yes, I do love the good runs. And I'm starting to get at least one a week from Ceilidh. Maybe she's starting to focus a little? Perhaps that's wishful thinking, but I gotta have something to hold onto!