Friday, July 27, 2007

Training our dogs brings people together

At training, whether it's obedience, agility, or whatever, we see pretty much the same people every week. And when we recognize the dogs, and then the people, we start to talk with each other before class or after class, or while we're waiting to do something during class. First about the dogs, then other things that we may have in common. And eventually we start to look for those same people at class. And when their lives change, so do ours. A very nice couple trains with their Lab at Agility on Thursdays with Ceilidh and me - well, they started with Ceilidh and me, now they're in the later class. Anyway, we all rejoiced with them when we learned that she became pregnant. We just learned that she lost the baby. And now we're all sad with them.


Lucy Fur said...

What's obedience school??? Training??? Are these places for me to send my Mommies?

Uncivil said...

Bullie hugs and Boston kisses! So sorry for their loss!

Fuzzy Logic said...

It's true.. I've met most of my friends from training classes. Even years later, when I see people at a trial (even if I don't know their names or have seen them in years) they remember me and I remember them.. we catch up and cheer each other on!