Saturday, July 07, 2007

Inadvertent sweet-smelling Ceilidh

It's been kind of warm here. That goodness, not as hot as in the West, but warm and sunny nonetheless. And our little dogs love to sunbathe. Not the best thing for little black dogs, but we don't let them lie in the sun for long. A few weeks ago Hope and I got ambitious and spread cedar mulch around where nothing is planted - one reason for this was so that the dogs would lie on something and not get dirt all over themselves and the house. And it's worked. Dax especially likes to lie near the hostas on the mulch. Yesterday Hope told me she had the dogs out and Ceilidh was rolling on her back in the mulch - she was aiming for something nasty nearby, but she missed! So Ceilidh meant to smell like that nasty bit, but instead she smelled like cedar!


jan said...

Rolling in something nasty is a high point in my dog's existence.

Uncivil said...

Gosh! I've been so lucky this summer. Ab & Em haven't rolled in anything yet? It's only a matter of time!LOL