Monday, September 18, 2006

What's cuter than a puppy patootie?

It's strange, I know, but I have a puppy butt obsession. It started when we got Dax, our French Bulldog. There's just something adorable about watching her walk away!

The other day I was following her down the stairs to the basement and was remembering what a long, slow process it was to teach the dogs to go down the stairs. Of course, if you're a three-pound puppy, a staircase must look like Everest!

Up the stairs was never a problem. As soon as any of our pups could put their front paws on a higher step, they could scramble up the entire flight.

Down was a much bigger issue. And, just like life, we started at the bottom, one stair at a time with praise, treats and celebrations. They were so cute back then - canine toddlers just learning the rules.


jan said...

Yes, they are cute, but it's easy to forget that puppies are little poop machines. Like we conveniently forget about the diapers part when our babies get older. I'm fostering a puppy right now, remembering how cute they were when I agreed. Now I'm longing for a house of only adult dogs once again.

Hope said...

A very, very good point! Remembering puppyhood is much, much more fun than actually dealing with it!