Saturday, September 09, 2006

Golly, the Bed Hog

I sleep with my dog and I like it. Come on, now, admit it, you do too. There's nothing more comforting than having a warm little body snuggling up against you. Well, except for the snores. She doesn't do it often when she sleeps at night, but Golly does snore. She usually does it when she naps during the day - then she'll really saw wood! But, even Golly's snores are cute.

What's not cute, though, is the way she hogs the bed. Yes, Golly is a little dog, about twelve pounds, but she can find the exact geometric center of the bed and there's nowhere else that she will stay. And with a twin bed there's not a lot of real estate left! I'll try moving her to the edge by my feet, or by my side, or even at the foot of the bed, but she'll complain with little noises and start kicking her back paws. So I'll relent and give her back the center. She has me well trained.

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