Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Simply irresistible

We've mentioned a few times (okay, ad infinitum) that Ceilidh is a perpetual motion machine. Well, we finally managed to tucker her out. And we took pictures to prove it happened, at least once, in her lifetime.
She doesn't look thrilled about it though - does she?
So she hides her little face.
But we're still there torturing her.
I really like this picture - it demonstrates the principles of gravity. We say that Ceilidh needs "flew glue" when this happens.


jan said...

I love this sequence of pictures. Ceilidh certainly has lost her wild animal survival instincts, hasn't she?

Hope said...

Thank you! It's one of the few times I actually had a camera handy when I wanted it. And you're absolutely right about survival traits. Our dogs would much rather sleep in their nice, cushy beds than any forest den.