Friday, July 22, 2011

Stay cool! That goes for the dogs too!

Much of the country is gripped in a nasty, long-lasting heat wave. The heat index (what it actually feels like outside) rose over 100 degrees F. the last few days here in the Chicago area. The news reports emphasize how important it is for us to hydrate and get relief in the air conditioning for at least a few hours each day. That goes for our dogs too! We have to make sure that we limit their time outside in the heat and provide lots of clean water. If you're on a walk, bring along a Water Rover so your pup can take water breaks.
My crazy Boston Terrier, Ceilidh, and Hope's French Bulldog, Dax, love the heat, though. They'd bake on the grass for hours if we let them. We end up carrying them inside because they refuse to leave the heat on their own! Silly girls....

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