Saturday, July 23, 2011

On his way!

Teddy competed last week in his first-ever agility trial, ran two courses (1 Jumpers with Weaves and 1 Standard), qualified in both runs, got perfect scores in both runs, and won third place in both runs. I'm hoping these are just the first of lots of ribbons Ted will earn - but I'm just so thrilled with and proud of these first ones! I apologize to everyone who's been listening to me rave about my little guy for the last week - just can't help it! - Hope


Carlene said...

Those ribbons are for you, too, you know!

Pam and Cabot said...

Mazel tov, Hope and Teddy!!! We love green ribbons!!!

Good work, both of you.

Urbizsite said...

Wow, Teddy is amazing. I wish my dogs could do the atleast a few tricks, but she only knows how to sleep and eat. Btw, why don't you get an official website to more readers, you can get one for only $19.99 at