Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Fever

We've got it bad. It was almost 60 degrees yesterday! No record but it sure felt good. The snow in the back yard is almost gone. There are still hills where the biggest drifts were, and I almost took a header last night on the ice. (Tango found a stick. I was chasing him. It was fun.) Hopefully it'll be gone before the snow they're predicting for Monday.

To divert ourselves, Hope and I started measuring the Land Cookie's storage areas - cabinets, drawers, etc. We also started making lists of all the stuff we're going to need. We're planning on going to the RV Show in Rosemont this weekend. I'm sure we'll see lots more stuff we'll need! Many area campgrounds have booths, so we'll see which one looks like the best candidate for our first camping foray.


Pam and Cabot said...

So, will you be driving the Land Cookie to Louisville next month?? Hoping to see you again there!

Fran said...

Don't know where the time goes. Sorry about not responding sooner. Nope, we're not making the trek to Louisville this year. While it would be fun to see everyone, I'm not showing anyone now. Hopefully next year Tango will be ready for prime time.