Friday, February 11, 2011


Sorry for not posting last week as I usually do on Fridays. After the blizzard we got more snow, bitter cold and an explosion. Tango loves all the snow - he and Teddy have been trying to explore the yard, but the snow is over their heads (by about a foot) so they're sticking to the paths we've trodden down for them. Ceilidh and Dax hate it, and Roc doesn't care much. He's not much of an explorer, though, so he's perfectly happy to stay where the others have gone.

Last Friday Tango and I made it into work, after digging my car out of the garage. I was settling down to work when the power went out. Followed by the fire alarms sounding. I put my coat back on, put Tango back into his crate in the car and called our landlord from outside. Harley said, "Something blew! I'm coming back to the building." That didn't sound good. Three fire trucks and an Incident Command car arrived in short order. It turns out that there was an electrical short in the Fire Pump room, three doors down from our shop. We can still see where the explosion blew up the pipe against a brick wall. Fortunately no one was hurt. I took Tango back home and tried to work from there until our power came back, about six hours later. Since then things have been mercifully quiet. And a thaw is forecast!


Carlene said...

That's scary! I am anxiously awaiting the thaw.

Pam and Cabot said...

OMG!!! You are so fortunate nothing more happened! I know spring can't come soon enough for you!!