Friday, March 19, 2010


So I'm on my own since Wednesday - Fran's in Louisville at the best dog show (conformation, obedience, rally, agility, vendors, etc. in other words - heaven on earth for dog people and the ice cream is unbelievably fantastic) picking up her puppy dog Tango. The pup's in for a rude shock - he's going from house dog and occasional conformation dog to our crazy-insane world of performance and working dog. I'd feel sorry for the little dude if I didn't know that he's going to love it, once he gets used to it.
Last weekend was Dax's and my weekend out - three days of agility at the Forest City DTC (Dog Training Club) Trial in Love's Park, Illinois. We are now officially pursuing the Guiness Book of World Records title - competitors who get whistled off the course the most times, ever. For all the non-agility people who may check in with us occasionally - that's not a good thing. It means you've been "excused." Which is a polite way of saying "thrown out."
I may have an explanation for Dax's tendency to tune me out halfway through a course. I'm a member of a French Bulldog Obedience Group on Yahoo (no, Frenchie Performance is NOT an oxymoron). This week we had an extensive discussion on Frenchies being aliens from another planet. Witness the radar ears and green-glowing eyes (ok, you may need a flash camera to get the right effect). We concluded that Dax wanders off because the Big Giant Head is issuing instructions at extremely inopportune times - for me.
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jan said...

Have you tried a little tin foil hat?

Carlene said...

Yes, the ears are for picking up messages from the mothership.

(Forest City is where we took Thor for training; he loved it there!)

Laguna Pearl Jewelry said...
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Hope said...

Kind of absolutely adore the foil hat notion. Think the AKC will allow it in the ring?

Hope said...
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