Friday, August 21, 2009

New sleeping arrangements

So my full-size "grown-up" bed was delivered yesterday. (I'd had a twin-size bed since I was a kid, and I was using the same headboard and frame. The headboard had been recovered a couple of times, but still...) Despite the fact that my whole room needs to be re-organized since there's no room to walk anywhere, I think it'll be great for Golly, Ceilidh and me. Eventually. Ceilidh had been sleeping in Hope's bedroom but in a bed on the floor, so it's an adjustment for all of us. Last night Ceilidh stayed on the bed, all night! But Golly is going to need to get used to all this newness. At one point I woke up and couldn't find her! I turned the light on, and she was between the pillow and the headboard. I think she liked it there. Like I said, it'll take some getting used to...
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Carly said...

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