Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She did it!

Dax and I have missed a few weeks of Obedience training, between me having the flu, moving the shop, and then Dax eating rat poison. Yesterday evening we went for the first time in a month. I didn't really feel like going - but I knew I should, so I did. And I'm so glad I did! It's so easy to forget how much fun it is to get out and do stuff with your dog.
It helps, of course, that Dax was having fun, too. We've been working on her Retrieve on the Flat with her dumbbell and she's really getting pretty darn good at it. We still have to work on the end of the exercise - she's not crazy about coming to front and sitting while holding her dumbbell, but I'm trying to keep it fun.
She does love jumping, so I thought I'd try a Retrieve over the High Jump. And she did it! First time, every time! Who knew! We're discovering the bits of obedience that Dax loves.
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SewCrazyDogLady said...

I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up thinking about Dax with a dumbbell.. I bet she's freaking adorable!

Nicole Silvers said...

We must see pics or video of this. Too cute! YAY DAX!

Hope said...

I'm totally prejudiced, but I think she's absolutely adorable - especially when she's "working." I'll try to get somebody to take pictures.