Friday, June 26, 2009

The Girls Like it Hot!

This is our fifth day of 90 degree heat here in the Chicago area. We had below-normal temperatures all spring, but but did summer start with a bang! (Literally - thunderstorms the day before summer began knocked out our power for a few hours at home.) Dax, Ceilidh and Golly all love to lie in the sun and bask! Silly girls - this is the last thing any of them should be doing. French Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke, and Ceilidh and Golly both have heart conditions that make basking kind of dangerous. So I've been carrying Dax and Ceilidh into the house - that's how I've been getting my bicep work in. Golly can be persuaded into the house most of the time with a yummy treat!
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Uncivil said...

Emily my Boston Terrier loves to bask, but Abigail my bullie/mix wants nothing to do with hot weather. She'll beat me back inside when I let her out and it's hot!
90 in Chicago? Nasty!
Hope you have a good air conditioning unit!

Water Damage Texas said...

aww thats so nice that you carry your dogs around to make sure they are ok!

<3 Lindsay

Fran said...

So far the AC's worked!(Knock on wood!) And that's the advantage of little dogs - we can carry them around when we need to!