Friday, May 22, 2009

Not my idea of fun

So Hope's in the Canadian wilderness and I'm minding the shop. I certainly don't mind - she's done it for me more times than I can remember. But I question the term "vacation" for this trip. I talked to Hope about an hour ago and she was checking Dax for ticks. (She'd applied the anti-everything stuff, but was still checking!) Not my idea of a fun trip. I'm just a city girl, I guess. My idea of a good time is lying on a deck chair having a waiter bring me a refreshing fun rum drink. Not traipsing around the woods (in any country) being assaulted by dive-bombing mosquitoes and smaller equally nasty bugs you can't even see! But that's just me...
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FrogDogZ said...

We still would have loved to have seen you there, even with the bug-bites-from-hell.

You could have just hung out on the deck, and we could have had Sean dress up as a waiter and bring your drinks in a coconut shell ;) - he's pretty good about stuff like that!

Fran said...

I can see it now - Paradise of the North!