Friday, May 08, 2009

Crunch Time!

Do I or don't I? Sign up for the next 8-week session of Agility Classes, that is... Ceilidh is never going to compete, given her heart condition. She can never get too close to other dogs, given her tendency to snark at anything on four legs. I'll always have to keep her away from people who don't know what to expect when they lean in for a greeting (many sloppy Boston Terrier kisses on the face). I'm going to have to think up new and creative ways of holding her interest when it's not our turn (otherwise she goes sniffing and picks up any piece of lint on the mat). And I'll be playing with varying degrees of pain (hip bursitis is nothing if not persistent). But ... Ceilidh loves Agility class so much. And there are lots of people who appreciate Ceilidh for herself and gladly accept those wet kisses. So, I'll sign up for next session. And try to remember the Alleve.
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Betsy said...

Well Fran, in about 2.5 weeks, Duff will no longer be competing either and I will still sign him up. Class is a blast for him.

Anonymous said...

Hope Ceilidh will get well soon!!! Check this Pup-peroni video, very cute!