Friday, October 24, 2008

Quality it is!

Here's the good news: Ceilidh's blood pressure is normal!

And the bad news: not only are Ceilidh's heart valves bad, they're really bad. And she has arrhythmia - her heart stops beating at times for several seconds.

There are pacemakers available for dogs, but if we had one implanted in Ceilidh, her activity level would have to be restricted. For a normal, couch potato dog this wouldn't be a big deal. But for Ceilidh, who only knows full-speed, this alone would kill her.

So we hope to be able to treat Ceilidh's condition with medication. The vet also said that any new stress factors are to be avoided. Keep doing the things Ceilidh loves to do - play with her beloved Latex Soccer Ball and go to Agility Class - but if I ever had any dreams of competing with Ceilidh, that's out.

Hopefully, Ceilidh will be around for a very long time, wanting to play, play, play...
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Uncivil said...

Oh my. Certainly she can retire?
Sweet Ceilidh, she'll have to learn to chill out and take it easy! Don't let her watch any political advertisements either!
That makes my blood pressure go up!LOL!!

So, she's about 50 in human years! Yep, she can retire early and enjoy her golden years!

FrogDogz said...

Hush. She'll be around forever. All good dogs live forever. Everyone knows that.

Fran said...

I guess I could make her retire, but that would probably kill her faster than the heart disease! The vet said to let Ceilidh keep doing what she loves to do, so we're going with that. And we sure hope she'll be around forever, good dog or not!