Saturday, October 18, 2008

New member of the family

Yesterday I did something I only do about every 10 years. I bought a new car! It's a Blue Honda Element. It's cute, distinctive, and rated the best dog car around. (Sort of the leitmotif of our lives, isn't it!) Tomorrow I'll be measuring and planning and building a platform for the dogs' crates in the back. And removing the back seats - probably not to be seen again until I go to trade it in in 10 years.
I don't know how many people name their cars, but I tend to. Strange names - the last one was Broccoli (Green Grand Vitara). So I'm talking to Fran and ask, "what should I name it" and she says "Blueberry." It stuck. So - welcome Blueberry!
Buying Blueberry was sort of surreal. Last time I bought a car the internet wasn't really a factor. This time, I built it online, asked for quotes, went to the dealer with the best one, got a good deal (I think - please don't disabuse me of this fondly-held notion), great financing, and drove away in my new car. Weird. Pleasant, but weird.
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Uncivil said...

Great choice Hope! I love Honda period, and have been a Honda owner since 85.
My first Honda was a CRX Si and I put over 300k on it. I have a Honda Odyssey with over 200k on it right now.
I love the Element, but have been eyeballing the new Honda Fit lately because of the better gas mileage.

I'm hoping on getting another 100k out of my Odyssey before I buy another.

Uncivil said...

I wonder if you can get an Element in "white"? I have never seen a white one, but I'm gonna stick with white for the rest of my vehicles unless it's just a deal I can't pass up!

I used to have an old army green Oldsmobile when I was in tech. school. We called it "The Tank"!!!!

Hope said...

Thank you! So far, so good! I've never seen a white Element, but you could get Kiwi! or Orange! Personally, I'm liking the blue.

Uncivil said...

Yes, the blue is by far the best of colors offered!

FrogDogz said...

Yay!!! You've joined the flock. I lovelovelove my Element, although I do miss it in Green. My new one is black. Boring, boring black. On the plus side, I'm hoping to order cling film for it with pix of the dogs being Frogs.

I keep my seats in, and hang them from the sides when I need the extra room.

Hope said...

Great minds do think alike - proven once again! I'm looking around for suitable stickers - it just kind of begs for decoration, doesn't it?

Johann The Dog said...

Dog car of the year!!! All my friends love there's.