Friday, October 05, 2007

The Princess and the rest of us

Golly's fine - the vet didn't say anything about the growth, so we're taking that as no news is good news. If there was anything, she would have called us. And Golly's healing nicely, too. She's a little concerned about the areas that were shaved - will her fur be as lush in those spots? Golly would not allow me to take a picture of her bald spots. She feels that only photos of the Princess looking her best can be published. Golly's princess-ness is growing, too. Golly demands that she be let in the house first. Golly demands that she get the first treat. And Golly demands that her subjects (Ceilidh, Roc and Dax) leave any bed that she wants for herself. She actually barks as if there was something interesting in the other room, and when the bed's occupant vacates the premises, Golly lies down in the bed. Like I said, a Princess.


jan said...

hehe. Misty does that too. She will bark at the front door and when all the dogs rush there, she will come back and take her choice of warm spots.

The first time she did it, I went out too and she was sitting in my spot when I got back. But now, being a little smarter than my dogs,...oh, never mind...

Glad to hear no problems with the growth.

FrogDogz said...

Sometimes we just need to accept that we don't 'own' dogs - we're the royal court of our princesses.

Tessa has her own tiara, and a friend of mine who makes movie props gave her a throne-style chair used in a Princess movie.

Of course, Golly had a store named after her. If that's not princess-hood, what is?

Glad her Highness is better!

Fran said...

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes! And, yes - we live to serve!

Johann The Dog said...

Glad all is working out, whew. I always grow back white hairs (in my gorgeous black fur) where I have injuries. Where the dogs bit me and where my cast rubbed my leg. Mum calls them battle furs. I don't mind, but it's a guy thing. Woofs, Johann