Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lessening the Halloween headache

A few years ago, trying madly to contain four dogs who all wanted to lick tiny little trick-or-treaters to pieces, I came up with a great idea. And for no cost whatsoever - I'll share it with everybody. Those of us with dogs will use it about once a year - every Halloween.
It's not exactly a dog-friendly holiday. The doorbell rings constantly for four hours. And the dogs weren't allowed to see any of our visitors, for fear they'd dash out into the night.
I solved our problem by taking out the top window of our self-storing storm door. I lock the storm so it can't open, even when four furry bodies go dashing at it.
Even the tiniest trick-or-treaters can hold up their loot-sacks for me to toss in some goodies.
The dogs get to see the kids. The kids get to see the dogs. It's a win-win situation for everybody. Including the people over at Bayer. Whose fine analgesic pain relievers we rely on tonight.


ally said...

good idea! I stand outside and give out candy... my two are lock between a baby gate and the front door :-(

Johann The Dog said...

Great idea!!!! Wish we had one of those doors, could just work! Woofs, Johann

Kahshe Cottager said...

I like baby gates for allowing the dogs to see what is going on without getting caught up in the melee or dashing outside. Hope you had a fun Halloween!

FeeFiFoto said...

Excellent solution. When my son was a baby I had a dutch door installed in the playroom next to the kitchen. I could open the top half and monitor him and he couldn't get out.

Unfortunately, he eventually learned to open it.

Fuzzy Logic said...

Good Idea! Of course, in my house, we just tape cardboard over the doorbell with a note that says "Sorry.. no candy" and keep the light off.