Thursday, March 14, 2013

Booker's first class!

Booker is about 18 weeks old now, perfect for starting puppy class with North Shore Dog Training Club! The main focus of the first class was focus and attention. Very difficult for a puppy who just wants to play with everyone! Fortunately, I had yummy treats, and after Booker tried to go over to the Viszla puppy, then the Boxer puppy, then the Chihuahua puppy, he came back to me and we had a party! The idea is for me to be more fun and more rewarding than the other puppies and people who don't have anything for Booker. (Interaction between puppies is discouraged in this class - people can find places for their dogs to play with other dogs on their own. Class time is for instruction.) The goal is for the people to build a strong bond with their dogs - both for work and play. So, we had a good first class - yesterday we took a walk in the neighborhood, even though winter is hanging on and it was below freezing! Booker is starting to walk quite nicely on  lead. - Fran

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